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Optrion, a spin-off of Centre Spatial de Liège and a branch of V2i, is a company specialized in optical metrology and non-destructive testing for composite material structures.

The technology is based on a very high resolution camera combining the principles of holographic interferometry and photorefractive crystals.

What is Interferometric Holography?

Holographic Interferometry is a powerful whole-field optical method allowing object surface displacement measurement in the micrometric to sub-micrometric ranges. Holographic Interferometry consists in producing the interference between two wavefronts, at least one of which is recorded as a hologram in photosensitive materials.

The recording step requires the superimposition of the object beam having traveled via the observed object and a coherent reference beam taken from the same light source. At the readout step, the hologram is illuminated by the same reference beam that has served for the recording.

Holography is being used in a growing number of applications. Progress in these areas has been partially stimulated by improvements in the technology for making holograms, with advances in both recording materials and the laser used to record holograms.

For what application?

Non destructive testing:

  • Delaminations
  • Welding defects
  • Bonding defects
  • Impact damages
  • Cracks

Micro-displacements metrology:

  • Thermo-mechanical behaviors
  • CTE measurements
  • Finite element model correlations
  • In-plane and out-of-plane deformation full field strain analysis
  • Calibration of piezo sheets bonded under plate
  • Thermo mechanical analysis of insert in honeycomb

Vibration mode shapes:

  • Aircraft engine blade or vane
  • Electronic component dynamic analysis

Targeted industries

  • Aeronautics
  • Space
  • Electronics : chips, MEMS, ...
  • Laboratories, research centers,…
  • Composite industry


Optrion participated actively in several collaborative R&D programs

  • FANTOM: EC research program (FP7) - "Full Field Advanced Non-Destructive T>echnique for Online Thermo-Mechanical Measurement on Aeronautical Structures"
  • MultiEncode: EC research program (FP6) - "Multifunctional Encoding System for Assessment of Movable Cultural Heritage"
  • PHIFE: EC research program (FP5)  - "Pulsed Holographic Interferometer for analysis of Fast Events"
  • LAVINYA: EC research network (FP5) - "LAser VIbrometry Network sYstems and Applications"
  • NANOCAM: Belgian research program (Walloon Region) – First Europe Objective 3 - "Development of optical instruments for mechanical control and
    reliability testing of MEMS"
  • HEPCUP: International research program (USA - Ca - Fr - Be) - "High Efficiency Photorefractive Crystals for Ultrasonic Probe"
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