Vibration testing


V2i takes charge of the whole project: from specifications definition and vibration support design to results analysis and correlation.


Definition of test specifications

Thanks to its expertise and experience, V2i helps you defining tests specifications, interpreting international standards and exploiting environmental vibrations measures.

Here are some examples of international standards commonly used:

  • RTCA DO-16OG
  • MIL STD 810x
  • IEC / CEI 60068-2 & 60068-3
  • IEC / CEI 60721-3
  • IEC / CEI 61373

Study, design and manufacturing of the vibration tool

Through its complementary expertise in numerical simulation, V2i offers you the necessary integration of simulation and testing to optimize vibrations tool design and predict its dynamic behavior during tests. The response of the whole system "vibration tool/tested equipment" can also be predicted through a numerical simulation.

V2i works with many certified suppliers for the vibration tool machining.

Vibration test

Your vibration test is managed by experienced engineers with very good knowledge of environmental testing, instrumentation and structural dynamics.

Test type

From a general point of view, it is possible to distinguish 2 types of tests:

  1. Qualification / certification: the aim is to reproduce a dynamic environment according to specifications or standards in order to qualify and/or certify a device or structure. V2i can reproduce any type of excitation: sine, random, shock or combined excitation.
  2. High cycle fatigue tests: the aim is to predict the lifetime of a structure or an equipment. V2i is able to perform these tests with a controlled atmosphere (temperature and humidity).

Test facilities

Thanks to its extensive range of shakers, V2i can perform vibration tests on structures going from very small (MEMS) to very large size (several hundreds of kg) over a wide frequency range. Here is an overview of our test facilities:

  • 1 hydraulic shaker for very low frequencies (seismic tests), 82 kN
  • 5 electrodynamic shakers: 13 kN - 23 kN - 26 kN - 80 kN - 120 kN (dual slip table)
  • 2 piezoelectric shakers for high frequencies (from 1 kHZ to some tens of kHz)
  • 1 climatic chamber coupled with an electrodynamic shaker for your tests under regulated environment (T° and/or humidity)
  • In collaboration with the KUL: one 82 kN triaxial shaker for seismic tests.

A list of our test facilities can be dowloaded here: list of test facilities.

V2i also manages the selection of sensors (accelerometers, gauges, ...), the instrumentation of your equipment and uses the most reliable devices available on the market for acquisition and recording.

Results analysis and correlation - Reporting

By the end of the test, V2i can offer you its modelling and experimental integrated experience for the interpretation of the results and the update of your Finite Elements model.

A detailed test report is written by the test manager and is provided within a few days.

V2i assets

  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • An expertise into interpretation and use of international standards
  • Ability to perform your tests under regulated atmosphere
  • An integrated service combining its expertise into structure modelling and testing
  • In-depth and clear analysis of the results

Key figures

Since 1st January 2008:

  • Over 1400 test campaigns performed
  • i.e. over 12000 hours of shaker testing
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