Tailor-made systems



Today, there is a very wide range of solutions available for equipment monitoring on the market. But most of them do not have the specific functionalities you are looking for and on the other hand are out of reach due to their exorbitant prices.

That is the reason why, V2i, which is certified by National Instruments, can build you a complete tailor-made system of measurements, including integrated hardware, software, and sensors.

Many of our customers have already entrusted us for developing their systems:

  • Rotating shaft balancing
  • Rotating shaft monitoring compliant to specific standards for the type of bearing
  • Independent monitoring system with communication through TCP / IP and digital alarms sending
  • Monitoring of the operational status of motors compliant to standards
  • Monitoring of bearings
  • Monitoring of automatic welding machines.
  • ...

Some automated systems have been developed for internal use:

  • Automatic scanning system for modal analysis
  • ...


  • Measures: any kind of sensor (accelerometers, proximity probes, thermocouples, pressure sensors,...)
  • Acquistion: National Instrument hardware
  • Processing and analysis: tailor-made LabView softwares