Condition Monitoring



The follow-up and monitoring of structures and mechanical components is essential in order to organize optimally the maintenance plan and avoid long, unexpected and costly maintenance.

V2i allows you to assess objectively and precisely the wear of your equipment by offering:

  • A measurement system, sensors and data acquisition system, allowing autonomous measurements over a long period of time (thanks to triggers or coupling to the process).
  • The transformation of the measurement into relevant indicators and their transmission to an operator, a maintenance manager or a database.
  • An expertise to help you with choosing the best tools for the continual, real-time analysis of your equipments

The sensors, the software and the hardware are customized for each situation in order to give the most precise answer to your need in predictive maintenance.

V2i, as a certified National Instruments partner, has the necessary skills to build the automatic analysis tools you need thus allowing you to manage your maintenance better and to make yourself available for your own professional activities.

Among the numerous Research & Development programs of V2i, many are linked to predictive maintenance:

  • Default or damage detection and real-time structure follow up
  • Industrial cutting tools follow up
  • Shaft line monitoring
  • Cryogenic bearing follow up
  • Rolls follow up on a production line
  • Bearing monitoring
  • Gearboxes monitoring
  • Bearings and rolls follow up on a galvanization line
  • Industrial welded joint diagnosis.


Accelerometers, voltage sensors, current sensors, RTD, thermocouples, strain gages, low cost data acquisition systems,…

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