Vibration measures

V2i provides you with a wide range of dedicated solutions in terms of vibration measurements, in-situ or in laboratory, analysis methods and in-depth treatments as well as results correlation with a model.

Measures objectives

Thanks to its experience into vibration and structural identification, V2i provides you the best solutions to answer your industrial needs/requirements:

  • Abnormally high vibration levels on turning devices
  • Devices premature wearing
  • Vibrations of enclosures or frames
  • Unbalance or alignment issues
  • Vibration isolation and transmissibility
  • Device or structural vibration characterization  through a modal analysis

Instrumentation and acquisition

V2i owns all the required hardware to perform measurement acquisitions in laboratory, clear room or industrial environment over frequencies ranging from 0 to several tens of kHz from very low to very high level of vibrations:

  • Proximeters for displacement measurements
  • Laser Vibrometers for displacement or speed measurements
  • Accelerometers for acceleration measurements 

Vibration acquisition can be combined with other typical measures like current, voltage, pressure or temperature.

For the special case of modal analysis aiming to determine experimentally resonant frequencies and associated mode shapes, V2i can also provide a wide range of devices. Those devices enable us to offer you solutions for very small size structures like MEMS up to big structures like a civil engineering bridge.

Measurements processing

Our company masters all classical signal processing techniques:

  • RMS, peak factor, Kurtosis, ...
  • Spectral analysis (FFT), Waterfall, ...
  • Envelop method
  • Order tracking

Thanks to its close collaboration with University of Liege and the Aerospace and Mechanics Department, V2i is part of the development of the latest signal processing techniques and use them on the field.

Analysis and results correlation - Reporting

Results analysis is performed critically by experimented engineers who are able to correlate the experimental results with a model and to proceed to its update.

The details of the measurement campaign and the analysis performed are included in the report that is delivered to you within a few days.

V2i assets

  • Its slexibility and responsiveness
  • Its experience in structural dynamics
  • Its close collaboration with Liege University
  • An integrated service combining its expertises into structural modelling and testing
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