About us

V2i company is located in the Liège basin, dynamic region in terms of economics, where there are many high-technology companies (Techspace Aero, EVS, Amos, ...).

V2i is a spin-off of University of Liege, LTAS department, Laboratory of Aeronautics and Space Techniques.    This department has been a pioneer in the development of Finite Elements software solutions in the structure dynamics field.

V2i is a design and experimental testing office specialized in the field of structural dynamics.  The company develops, uses and markets solutions for improving the design, mechanic strength and life of equipment and structures, under vibration environment.  V2i also offers a wide range of facilities and services for vibration monitoring of production equipment.

V2i meets industrial demand to work with one qualified partner, able to handle problems of vibration, from the initial CAO design to final certification of the product, in order to propose an full  solution in terms of:

  • structural design
  • mechanical reliability
  • conformity of the product
  • security
  • efficiency/profitability of the project


Our objective

V2i offers technical and intellectual services.  The ultimate goal is to improve the structural design, mechanical strength and safety.

Our specificity

The integration and coupled exploitation of experiment and simulation in a single step.

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