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Date de publication: 01/07/2014

  V2i is pleased to announce a new hiring: a senior engineer specialized in FEA. He will bring his experience to engineering department, especially for thermal studies, and will help the vibration test team. It is the fourth hiring this year: the team is now composed of 11 engineers, 2 technicians and 1 secretary-accountant.

Date de publication: 17/03/2014

  V2i will participate to Aerospace Days of Paris on 9th and 10th April:

Date de publication: 19/02/2014

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2014 and we want to thank you, all of our customers and partners, for the ongoing relationships and trust you granted us!

Date de publication: 13/02/2014

  National Intruments organizes every year a best application contest and V2i has been awarded first place in the "Data acquisition/recording" category of 2013 Best Applications contest:  

Date de publication: 06/01/2014

  Following the external audit conducted on 19th December 2013, ProCert company has extended V2I ISO 9001:2008 certification for 3 years.

Date de publication: 03/12/2013

  More information about LabView Certifications...  

Date de publication: 07/11/2013

A turnkey system dedicated to the monitoring of race yachts has been developed by V2i. The acquisition and analysis software has been implemented with LabView and hardware provided by National Instrument. An article giving further details about system functionalities is available on the web site of National Instrument.

Date de publication: 25/10/2013

V2i keeps on growing and is pleased to count one more member in its team since 18th October: a young engineer has been hired to reinforce test shaker team.

Date de publication: 04/10/2013

  AOC project (Advanced Operational Certification), from Skywin Cluster 7th Call for Project (, has officially been launched this 4th October 2013. As a reminder, V2i and its partners aim to develop an advanced and comprehensive certification platform for aircraft engine components under extreme vibration environement. Further details about the project: AOC.

Date de publication: 30/08/2013

Climatic chamber & Electrodynamic shaker V2i invested in new test facilities and is now able to combine vibration testing with heat and/or humidity. A 26kN electrodynamical shaker is coupled with the chamber. Here is an overview of new test facility performances: